September 6, 2011 – Awakening on the Cross ~Afternoon Grace

Pre-dawn, while still in the deeeep dark moon, Super Focused MARS in Leo SEXTILES SATURN in Libra. We are completing old relationships with ourself. Our ego-self is dying in one way or another.  Whatever life has taken away recently, is shaping us like polishing stones. “Our suffering is the cracking of the shell that encloses our understanding”–Kahlil Gibran

MOON in at the very end of Libra TRINES NEPTUNE at end of Aquarius–just before sunrise at 5:18 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time), sending the moon into the VOID between Libra and Scorpio.  Relationships are mysterious places of depth and soul and we have deep places inside of us with Scorpio content bubbling up as we approach the New Moon in Scorpio.

MOON into Scorpio at 8:08 am, pdt. Our journey of new birth is beginning with a power reset field of rebirth. NEW MOON in SCORPIO is at 12:56 pm, pdt This POWER BIRTHING MOON is a portal of the new creation that is inspired through us by the divine!

VENUS SQUARES MARS at 3:23 pm, pdt.  Masculine and Feminine are crossing a corner, making a choice, walking the path of mystery into the unknown. We each process walking into the unknown differently, masculine and feminine sides.  Inner masculine and inner feminine are “working it out.”  It may not be comfortable–but its real.  Truth lovingly told is good for these 90 degree angles with Mars and Venus.

Scorpio MOON SEXTILES Capricorn PLUTO at 4:28 pm, pdt and our New moon is emPOWERED by the soulfulness and depth of Pluto!  We are touched by grace!

MOON OPPOSES JUPITER in Taurus at 4:53 pm and we are expanding our capacity to ground in healthy sexuality and balanced masculine to feminine relations. In areas of tension middle of the night MOON in earthy Caprcicorn conjunction with our friendly Underworld Pluto! (at 4 am predawn)  This MOON squares URANUS pre, pre dawn, 1:09 am in our last night’s late night or sleep world.  These middle of the night moon aspects touch us back into the 2011 CROSS of CHANGE– a cauldron pressuring us to change.  The cross is with Saturn, Uranus, Pluto & Mars.  Mars will leave the cross and head into Fiery Expressive Leo soon!  We’ll all enjoy the fiery adventurous spirit of this coming winter.  Firelight and gypsy music are in store!

MOON TRINES JUPITER at 1:49 pm pdt and we leave the cross in grace, lifted by our own higher self, into our next adventure. By 9:07 pm pdt, there is some kind of wild new creativity or something fun brewing as the creative masculine SUN TRINES the receptive feminine MOON at 9:07 pm pdt.

The Final piece of the Moon touching corners of the CROSS this time around occurs late tonight round midnight, when MOON SQUARE’S SATURN!  If we weren’t tired before midnight–it may hit us all the sudden.  One way or another, whether in sleep or awake, this aspect asks us to overcome limitations, even if we can’t see how, we can “push past our own limiting beliefs.”

May your day set you free, even if you have to push past the invisible chains . . . .


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