October 25, 2011 – Productive Completions

Happy Deep DARK MOON!  Today is the LAST DAY of the HIGH PRIESTESS (the third cycle) in the 18 lunar cycle portal that began at the New Moon of July 30th. We’ve been gestating something and it will BIRTH during the next cycle, the cycle of the EMPRESS!

MOON in Libra SEXTILES MARS in Leo and CONJUNCTS SATURN this evening.  When Mars and Saturn get together they are super productive.  Together they create a machine. This New Moon coming will have this power in its New Creation and Birth energies.  TOday we are in the last COMPLETION of the old.  We have a ONE MORE FINAL RELEASE of the old.

With this MOON SATURN conjunction this evening in this DARK last day of the cycle, we can make SUPER-COMPLETIONS.  We can complete old feelings, old relationships, old self’s, old ways of communicating, old ways of being in the world.  Today is a final completion day!  Its a good day to ritualize these completions consciously.

We can meditate on “everything that has been difficult, painful, isolating and fragmenting.”  We can release all the old consciousness from our selves, like pouring ourselves out!  This super-empty-moment prepares us for the POWERFUL NEW LIFE that is mysteriously unknown in its flower, yet, has the POWER of the whole transforming universe under it!  This next creation cycle is one of the most powerful!  May you allow your wildest dreams to rest in the unborn potential of this next New Moon, but first RELEASE, CLEANSE, COMPLETE and LET GO!! . . . with love.


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