October 24, 2011 – Deep Water Healing Chamber

SUN freshly into deep-water-Scorpio TRINES CHIRON in vast-water-Pisces at 6:37 am, pdt and our own power, sexuality and deep creativity is our greatest source of healing.

MOON moves into Cardinal Air LIBRA at 8:49 am, pdt and we’re touched once again in with the CARDINAL CROSS of change in inner leadership!

MOON OPPOSES URANUS at 11:11 am, pdt and we’re in a breakthrough and change energy!

MOON in Leadership air SQUARES PLUTO in Leadership-earth at 5:12 pm, pdt and we can release and let go of that which is changing!

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS at 10:59 pm, pdt reveals a breakthrough and change energy in our creative and masculine expression late at night. Earthquakes inside and out shake apart our old foundations for our masculine and creativity inside!

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