October 23, 2011 – Practical Steps for Winter

MOON in preparedness Virgo SEXTILES MERCURY in Depth-Seeking Scorpio this morning at 9:48 am, pdt and we are called to do some winter-prepping for our months ahead.

SUN enters SCORPIO from Libra at 11:30 am, pdt and there is a sense of heading into a deeper place inside. We’re going deep-sea-diving for self-sustaining gems over this next month.

MOON in Virgo SEXTILES VENUS in Scorpio at 1:47 pm, pdt and our love and affection-meter is saying, “more affection and deep loving expression is needed to survive this next phase!”

The MOON goes VOID at 1:47 pm, before going into Libra tomorrow morning. In between Virgo and Libra we clean and prepare our psyche’s for a new level of relationship. We’re ready to mature to another level, so we can go deeper and higher!

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