October 22, 2011 – Fall Clean-Out!

Pre-Dawn, we may feel underwater or overwhelmed with MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE.  One way or another we rise talking to our own ocean. We may feel lots of slightly unidentifiable feelings as they float by on our river of life this morning.

SUN in Libra SEXTILES MOON in Leo at 5:34 am, bringing light into these flowing emotional places, just before dawn. This is the last day of SUN in LIBRA, before moving into SCORPIO!  This inspirational wind is good for blowing our desktops clean, by attending to needed communications for our projects, to complete this cycle.

MOON enters clean-up-oriented-VIRGO at 7:40 am, pdt for a morning that is about getting down to the details and taking care!

MOON TRINES PLUTO late afternoon at 4:27 pm, pdt, touching our soul with practical cathartic clean-out energy. This MOON is WANING, pulling the last bits of emotional, creative and financial purification from our polishing vessel-selves, refining our ability to LISTEN in the High Priestess Cycle, as listening is a deep form of power at this time!  Purging is not always comfortable, but it feels so good afterward!  Today is for purging on many levels!

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 5:55 pm marks a moment of breakthrough and reward, especially if we really did clean and organize all day!  Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say, and Jupiter will take us there–to the God, inside of cleaning.

Magical Falling leaves to you today!  May they fall with grace. sweeping our psychic and emotional insides CLEAN!


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