October 21, 2011 – Creative Visionary Next Step

Pre-dawn, we’re in communications tension with MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 12:52 am, pdt. It’s nothing more than a “square dance” between masculine and feminine as MERCURY and VENUS are in SCORPIO SQUARING the MOON and MARS in LEO.  This Water to Fire Square has us focused on the reality that our “sexual-creative” energy is what fuels us and the world.  This powerful force of life, our sexuality–is eternally tied to our creativity. Healthy channeling of sexual-creative energy allows us to thrive in the world.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at dawn – 6:26 am, pdt (pacific daylight time).  Our inner emotional conversation about masculine and feminine is in a full “square dance,” as fixed water Scorpio talks to fixed fire Leo, making peace with our current state of love and affection, creativity and vitality!

Leo MOON SEXTILES SATURN in Libra at 4:36 pm, pdt and we may receive soothing from the earlier square as we ground into the creative harmony between the Moon and Saturn and the gift of both grounded & creatively-inspired relationships.

SUN at the end of Libra TRINES NEPTUNE at the very end of Aquarius at 4:57 pm, pdt, and we are gifted a Creative Visionary Next Step.  The Sun, our creative masculine, is pairing up in a supportive trine with our Planet of movement and FLOW!  “We are the ones”–(little Gods)–embodying the divine, into our lives through divinely inspired plans and projects. We’re called by divine callings, trumpets are blowing–and the next step is clear!

Our creativity is a-flowin’ and so is our sexuality as we approach the Scorpio season, with Venus and Mercury already in Scorpio.  We’re learning to harness, love, evolve, and hold space for our sexual-creative selves!! Our sexual-creative energy is the most sacred, weaving temple space, with our soul-light. May we have more compassion, understanding and healthy expression of our sensual living soul-light this day!



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