October 20, 2011 – Fiery Creative Cauldron

We rise with the MOON having shifted to Fire LEO from Water CANCER at 3:06 am, pdt. (pacific daylight time). This Fixed Fire MOON in Leo TRINES URANUS in Cardinal Fire Sign–Aries at 6:04 am, pdt!  We’re bursting from the inside out with revolutionary newness and it shakes all of our foundations with growth, expansion, change and the need to create, create, create what is coming through that is NEW!!

MOON in Leo SQUARES JUPITER in Taurus at 2:37 pm, pdt. We’re expanding ourselves beyond our earlier ideas and expectations. We can burn away any places where we feel stuck or patterned.  We have the strength to break away from our old out-dated molds today, for the future!  This is a corner of expansion and change!

The MOON is waning on the High Priestess cycle.  She calls us inward for the last week of her cycle, as it is about going inside and listening, releasing all attachment to past ideas that do not serve her. Deep Blessings on the inner High Priestess who listens.


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