October 19, 2011 – Unwinding Tension Into Peace

MOON in Cancer SQUARES SATURN in Libra at 10:21 am, pdt. We may feel watery and sensitive or feel like being at home today, as this soft Moon Squares hard Saturn–who changes us, our partnerships and our work, according to its evolutionary constrictions, that cause us to make choices and clarify our intentions. This is a constrictive shift.

SUN in Libra SQUARES MOON in Cancer at 8:30 pm, pdt, and this LAST QUARTER SQUARE steps us down to the darker waning quarter of the lunar cycle. We step our energy down.  We can focus on rest, emotional nourishment, quiet, releasing, cleansing, grieving any losses, and dropping ourselves finally into acceptance of this lower-energy phase. Its good to allow ourselves to unwind as this next week unfolds. We’re unwinding down into the the DARK MOON on October 25, beginning the next new cycle at the NEW MOON on October 26.

We’re completing the last unfoldings of the cycle of the High Priestess, in the 18-lunar-cycle portal of awakening. this next New Moon is a Power cycle!  IT will be the New Moon of SCORPIO, as well as the New Moon of our Creative Power House–EMPRESS!  This next week is the unwinding rest cycle that precedes the incoming POWER of the Scorpio Empress Mama cycle!!


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