February 13, 2013 – Fiery Ashes of a New Wednesday

MOON in Gemini TRINED SATURN in Libra, pre-dawn, giving us a kind of community grounding.

SUN in Libra TRINES MOON in Gemini at 7:37 am, pdt and masculine and feminine dance a sacred dance, within and without.

MERCURY in Scorpio OPPOSES JUPITER in Taurus at 11:55 am, pdt. This expansion asks us to carve new ways of perceiving and talking about resources and money.

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at 3:17 pm, pdt, and our emotional vessel fills with the waters of NEPTUNE giving us a fluid river of compassion and imagination.

MOON into CANCER 6:38 pm, brings more feelings, more water and more focus on inner home.

MOON SQUARES URANUS  late tonight at 9:57 pm, pdt.  We must not take ourselves too seriously in the midst of a little dose of healthy chaos!


&ng with LOVE, setting the red carpet for a day of dancing!! (www.OneBillionRising.org) where the largest global uprising of women (and the men who support them) will take place on earth, on Valentines Day–for the love of women!!

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first one since the Pope resigned–to a bolt of lightning! In the fiery MOON in Aries conjunct URANUS day of REVOLUTION and radical shift, may we honor the shift of a Pope stepping down from a 5,000 year reign of “his-story,” that we left with the old era. Now, in a new era of spirituality that is still forming, we can also release the old Ash Wednesday, inviting in a NEW ENERGY.

May the NEW ENERGY create NEW LIFE, NEW LOVE, and NEW FRIENDSHIP! May we soar on the wings of the new love we emanate!


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