October 14, 2011 – Awkward yet Powerful Inner Revolution

Today has more power for catharsis and change!  We’re on quite a revolutionary roll with the energies lately!  With MOON SQUARE MARS in the middle of the night we may have been processing some angst, anger, or a need for change before rising this morning.

Coming into the day, MERCURY in Scorpio makes the awkward INCONJUNCT aspect with URANUS in Aries this morning at 7:54 am, pdt.  Our revolutionary change agent!  We are communicating with the part of ourselves that wants MORE FREEDOM, MORE EMPOWERMENT and MORE CONNECTION with our DIVINE INVISIBLE SELF!  The connection has a need for something potentially unfulfilled.   Our deep longings are our allies today as we reach further into the invisible unknown!

VENUS OPPOSES JUPITER at 4:53 pm, pdt, and our VENUS of love, affection, the feminine and creativity, is opposite the great expander, JUPITER.  We’re expanding in the area of love and creativity!  We are asked to stretch!!

May your heart stretches be excersize for your alchemizing higher purpose!

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