Sept. 3, 2011 – Communications & Water

MOON in Aries TRINES MARS in Leo at 9:03 am, pdt and we have a front row seat in our own rocketship.  We get to choose which direction we aim our fire energy today. We are an arrow of sacred fire.

May the lumination of this FULL MOON, tonight at 7:06 pm, lift us up into our divinity on a personal level! The Full Moon in ARIES speaks to our unique way of being a creator in one human form. We’re in separate body’s–so we could each have a unique experience through a unique filter. We are each called into our authentic essence in these individuated bodies.

The FULL MOON calls us to purge the old beliefs, thought-forms & words that are no longer useful on our journey ahead, replacing them with a washing of divine light, living water and clean energy. We are purifying to prepare for the new field of consciousness that is coming in, guiding us into our new era. We are the vessels who are ushering in a whole new way of being human on earth.  This new way is connected to the living earth and all of life.  We are birthing into wholeness, from fragmentation.

MOON OPPOSES SATURN at 10:17 am pdt and its time for cleaning, re-organization and final edits. Our relationships and partnerships are maturing and shifting themselves.  Its a late night, full moon relationship and self cleaning party!

We’re heading toward a MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE at 3:10 am pdt, which brings us communications with the divine river of life.  This late night is a time to receive communications from our own personal divinity in our own way. We may receive messages in dreams or awake–communicatons with our verson of GOD/GODDESS are alive tonight and into the morning tomorrow.  May your inner water wheel catch your next steps according to Source in living color tonight!

A SPECIAL NOTE on the HIGH PRIESTESS FULL MOON: In the archetypal journey of 2011-2012 Human Awakening, that began at the New Moon of July 30th, we are in the High Priestess lunation, (the 3rd step in the human journey of awakening), now receiving the light from divine source to guide our way through the portal.  We are receptive in the High Priestess cycle, as we listen for what is raining inside us from source, germinating.  The High Priestess can articulate new energies from formless into their pre-formed idea state–words.  The next cycle is the cycle of the Empress–the mother of new inventions, new projects and emerging new flowerings.


n for inner and outer work.

MOON SQUARE’S NEPTUNE at 12:42 pm then goes VOID for some afternoon emotion or spaciness, until moving into fiery Sagittarius at 2:03 pm pdt.

MOON in fire TRINES fire URANUS for a humorous and surprising evening!



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