October 10, 2011 – Creative Cathartic Shift

We rise with MOON in Fire Aries.  Early in the day, MOON conjuncts revolutionary URANUS at 9:58 am pdt and we’re off like a rocket ship on a new mission if we’re listening.

VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS describes a time when we’re cleansing and releasing old ideas about love, affection and money, meanwhile welcoming in what we choose next.  This is a creative and magical aspect, although a bit awkward to see clearly, we have the power of change in our hands.

MOON SQUARES PLUTO later this afternoon at 4::06 pm pdt and we’re ready for FULL CATHARSIS.  We can crawl into a cocoon, dissolve our old selves and emerge with fresh wings.  1, 2, 3 cathart!

FULL MOON is tomorrow night at 7:06 pm in ARIES.  We are changing into a self that is receptive to our own divinity.  We are discarding parts of self that are too fearful, closed or non-believing to be divine.  This full moon is a full moon that celebrates a New Inner Self!!

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