August 1, 2011 – Expanding Creativity & Grounding Details to Feed our Soul

This morning we rise with the MOON VOID OF COURSE in Pisces.  This VOID is active all the way through tomorrow morning!  Meanwhile VENUS, having just entered DEEP WATER Scorpio is TRINING CHIRON in Pisces! We have more deep emotional watery energy today than we’ve had in a long time!

Water is the energy of the soul.  We are healing our inner feminine through bathing her in deep waters.  Tears, rain and fresh water springs, deep wells and all bodies of water are honored today.

VENUS is RISING in the evening sky very soon.  It may be tonight!  Look in the western sky just after sunset for shiny Venus, lifting ucations allowances during these times of changing plans coming up this month of Mercury Retro (for the next 3 weeks).

VENUS inconjunct PLUTO at 4:49 pm is a slightly uncomfortable and yet powerful and necessary shift in our creativity, our feminine expression and/or our love life.

Tomorrow is a mysterious day of MOON VOID of course, and MERCURY GOING RETROGRADE at 8:50 pm, pdt, and yet we may feel this mysterious beginning of a mystery school all day!





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