October 6, 2011 – Communications, Communications, New Work

MERCURY comes closest to earth in the middle of the night and we’re off on a communications adventure in our pre-morning dreamworld.

MOON OPPOSES MARS pre-dawn for a challenge in the realm of our masculinity, our action and our creativity in our dreams.

SUN TRINES MOON at 9:14 am, pdt (pacific daylight time)  and the dance of the masculine and Feminine lights is underway.  The harmony of the sexes can sooth separations, heals the past and creates miracles.

MERCURY is CONJUNCT SATURN at 3:01 pm pdt and our communications is given roots and foundation. We are at a completion point with an old cycle of communications and we’re beginning a new Mercury/Saturn cycle of communications, work and commitment.

MOON in inventive Aquarius TRINE SATURN in relationship-based-Libra this evening at 9:26 pm, pdt, encourages the grounding of new community projects, reformed relationships and partnerships that move us toward the New World.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 10:21 pm pdt, gives us an active communicative evening. The communication points of light that lead us to the future in front of us, reminding us to communicate and connect where we are guided.  Tonight, we have the power to seed our night dreams to find solutions for anything unresolved. Claim the power of resolution, fueling forward motion.



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