October 5, 2011 – Dawning the Age of Aquarius

This morning, MOON moved into Aquarius at 8:18 am, pdt, (pacific daylight time).  From the realm of money, structures and the earth plane, rearranging, we transition into the realm of community and collective acts of kindness.

MOON in Aquarius SEXTILES URANUS in Aries this afternoon, feeding love to the revolutionaries and revolution into the hearts of humans and lovers at 12:26 pm, pdt.

The love-feeding MOON in community, touched by the cosmic light of Uranus, SQUARES JUPITER at 11:52 pm pdt, (late night) and we have an opportunity to shift the way we work with resources on a community level, so it benefits everyone.

May you and your community find the secret powers of resourcing each other, lighting up previously un-discovered ways of exchanging love and money.

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