September 30, 2011 – Inner-Ocean-Liner-Transition

We rise this morning with the moon in deep water scorpio. We’ve got our feelers in our depths. We are each like an ocean liner, made up of a giant ship of belief-structures, floating along on the surface of some miraculous fluid substance upon which we sail our ships. We’re going along and then, due to weather or other variable factors, “course changes,” occur, where we need to re-cast all of our navigational plans. Today is one of those days. Its a transitional plan-rearrango kind of day!  Its best to spend some time with our ears on our heart, seeing what course-changes our own heart may make in our plans.

MERCURY is INCONJUNCT (150 degrees) JUPITER at 11:16 am and this calls us to communicate with all the parts of ourselves that are involved in the planning of our lives, to have a conference about “course corrections,” on our path ahead.

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 7:17 pm pdt and we may get lost in the best way in some Saturday evening music! If there is overwhelm, music and dancing is the solution. The MOON goes VOID with its final square from Scorpio, before entering Sagittarius at 9:42 pm pdt.

When MOON enters Sagittarius, it takes us on course with our cosmic traveller and we’re aiming our surfboards for galactic center! Late Night at 1:38 am pdt we are touched with the fiery enthusiasm of future’s yet uncreated, knocking on the secret doors of our hearts, asking us to rise to the occasion of the new world that is longing to be born through us.  The earth and cosmos ushers us across our next threshold, a gateway of heart maturity, as a humanity, where we mature enough to steward the earth back into balance, from the imbalances we’ve wreaked in our “adolescent phase” of our own evolution as a species.