September 28, 2011 – Solar Death & Rebirth

SUN SQUARED PLUTO in the middle of the night (2:37 am pdt) and took us on a creative journey of life and death in our dreams. We are transforming the way we create in the world, one step, one corner at a time.

MOON CONJUNCTED SATURN at the exact same moment!  (2:37 am pacific daylight time) We’re rebirthing relationships in ways that work for the new world, whatever we’re creating.

MERCURY SQUARES PLUTO first thing in the morning and communications are going through life and death initiations. There could be big news today!

SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY at 1:16 pm, pdt and communications explodes with light.  Sometimes when mercury and the sun conjunct, it is called “combust,” and can cause communications or technical breakdown.  Patience is a good ally for this aspect.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 6:51 pm, pdt, is a sweet harmonizer on an intense morning. Watery soothing flowing neptune supporting our personal emotional moon!

MOON into Scorpio at 9:05 pm, pdt and we are deepening on our new creative journey this cycle, which has begun, right away, with deep life and death, soulful aspects with Chiron and Pluto. We’re off this cycle on a powerful journey of reconnection with source.

Deeeeeeply Magical Blessings!



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