February 25, 2013 – HAPPY FULL MOON!! (Happy Fish!)

SUN SQUARED PLUTO in the middle of the night (2:37 am pdt) and took us on a creative journey of life and death in our dreams. We are transforming the way we create in the world, on step, one corner at a time.

MOON CONJUNCTED SATURN at the exact same moment!  (2:37 am pacific daylight time) We’re rebirthing relationships in ways that work for the new world, whatever we’re creating.

MERCURY SQUARES PLUTO first thing in the morning and communications are going through life and death initiations. There could be big news today!

SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY at 1:16 pm, pdt and communications explodes with light.  Sometimes when mercury and the sun conjunct, it is called “combust,. This is a place of flowering, expansion, change, growth and evolving. The energy is high and it elevates us into our fullest potentials. It is a good time to surf the energy with our best, highest, most creative, most productive time in the cycle. Its good to focus this high energy on the things we care most about!  Its important not to be distracted by anyone’s high drama–which FULL MOON’s are notorious for!! This one will be no different!

Swimming in our river, with the SUN in Pisces OPPOSING the MOON in Virgo at 12:26 pm, pst (the exact time of the FULL MOON!) and MARS and MERCURY about to have another reunion in the watery place–we are all in a revolution, and multi-layerd change! Especially those who have planets in Pisces, Aries, or Capricorn! These are the three signs being visited by outer-planets at the moment! NEPTUNE is in Pisces, near this FULL MOON and the MARS MERCURY CONJUNCTION coming.

The outer planets are cocooning us, the way nature cocoons a caterpillar. We may not be able to tell what is the cocoon and when the moment is that we are peeking out as the delicate wet-winged butterfly we are becoming. Can we tell where we are in this process?  Are we in the middle of the birth canal still?  Or are we feeling over-exposed on the other side?  This time with MERCURY RETROGRADING into the CONJUNCTION with MARS (late tonight) after midnight!) is a time of intense activation and change!! Its good to nurture our immune and nervous systems and be patient with ourselves and each other, while MARS finds its way through the OCEAN with help from MERCURY, working our mental realm into more openness.

the FULL MOON SQUARES JUPITER just after it is full between noon and 2pm pst. Stretch. Stretch, expand. we are called to rise, and lift ourselves above our old shit, again and again.

VENUS enters Pisces, from its dryer colder Aquarian place, the feminine dives into sweet, tender feeling water. For many–this water element added to VENUS at this time is welcome.

MOON TRINES PLUTO this evening at 7:05 pm. We are graced with our soul’s gifts. Sometimes when we least expect them–in times of emotional pressure or uncomfortable shifting–gifts arrive. This aspect, this evening opens the window to gifts from our soul to our life.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 7:51 pm, pst gives us a KISS of STRUCTURE. We are rebuilding, re-aligning and re-structuring the fabric of our lives. Today we have a kiss of this restructuring–into the night.

May we allow the changes within to come out. May we receive the gifts our soul is offering. May we express our hearts in ways that heal the broken fragmented pieces we live with.




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