July 8, 2011 – Pluto’s Rabbit Hole of Transformation continues

We are in the midst of the biggest revolution of our lives AND its a NEW MOON! This new moon is in Libra, of relationship, partnership and the ways in which we give and receive love and affection between each other.  Uranus opposite Mercury are currently in opposition at the Libra-Aries axis, so the axis isn’t feeling very affectionate, its rather revolutionary at the moment!

This New Moon in Libra is not about relationships that work (at this time), its about relationships that work on behalf of the earth and her journey of change right now. We are rapidly changing and so are relationships. This New Moon initiates an internal resilience when it comes to changing self and changing relationship.  New Moon was at 4:09 am (pacific daylight time)pdt.

This NEW MOON is related, in my system, to an overlighting archetype of the HIGH PRIESTESS, on our journey through the 2011-2012 Portal of initiation.  At the High Priestess, we perfect our ability to go within and listen to spirit.  At the Magician we clear our intention and clarify our own ability to intend, communicate and create. At the High Priestess, we receive communication from spirit. We perfect our ability to receive, hear in our own way, and translate in our own way, information from the DIVINE.

This NEW MOON immediately SQUARES PLUTO at 5:35 am and we may be digging more deeply inside than might be appropriate for an average workday, but the SOUL CALLS us down into our depths to ask ourselves the deep questions.  Each one has their own unique, “deeper questions,” surfacing.

MOON sextiles MARS at 5:55 pm pdt, and we’re called to ACTION, CHANGE, MOVEMENT and NEW BEGINNINGS.  We have a need to let go of the old and face the new unknown unformed territory in relationships and self, the ones that will hold our future and the future of our world.

MOON trines NEPTUNE at 6:51 pm pdt, and our evening is soothed by the lapping waters of Neptune on our personal psyche. This is much needed water after the fires of the weekend and the previous week, inside.

MOON comes closest to EARTH(where we live), in her cycle at 5:50 pm pdt and we’re “touched” by more of our own instinctual and emotional nature.

MOON CONJUNCTS VENUS at 11:33 pm pdt and there is a sweet beautiful soft place of love for anyone who wants to rest their head inside this venusian h.

Today, old thorns can be removed.  We can “step up to our own PLATE in life” and accept the love of this world,” as it comes flying at us at volcanic speed.

May your mountains erupt glorious lava flows of your own regeneration.