September 26, 2011 – Dark Moon – Communications Breakthrough

This morning MOON is at the VERY END of the LUNAR CYCLE, at the DARK point, in Virgo, taking care of details, cleaning out closets and preparing for winter.  We’re in the dark last bits of the cycle of the MAGICIAN cycle (on the archetypal journey I’ve mapped through the 2011-2012 portal).

MERCURY is INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 11:13 am pdt.  This aspect is awkward and yet calls us to communicate with connection to our deepest authenticity and our deepest heart. We are each called to this heart-communication in a different way.

MARS is INCONJUNCT PLUTO at 9:20 pm and the hidden masculine shadow of ourselves and others is awake this evening. It is DARK MOON and MARS is awkwardly, from the strange side-view, touching the DEEP DARK POWER that is potentially hidden or unexpressed.  Thre is deep soulwork tonight with our inner masculine!

MOON moves into Libra at 9:51 pm pdt and we shift our attention from our details and closets, to our partnerships and relationships.

MERCURY OPPOSES URANUS tonight at 11:30 pm and it is a FULL RADICAL BREAKTHROUGH COMMUNICATIONS MONTY!!!  This aspect is revolutionary and electrical.  Handle technical instruments with care!  The mind is a technical instrument!

May grace be with you!

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