September 23, 2011 – Happy Equinox! Perfect Balance Magic Hat!

SUN touches EQUINOX Point at 2:05 am, Pacific Daylight Time. Zero degrees of cardinal (starter) air, Libra, beginning the waning solar quarter, unwinding down toward zero point at the winter solstice.  Right now, we’re at the Equinox and there is equal day and night.  These are magical moments.

MARS TRINES URANUS at 4:24 am pdt. Pre-dawn, we are buzzing with the light of new worlds, magic wands at our fingertips, and a lot of electrical fiery energy!  Mars is in Leo trining Uranus in Aries and we are in a revolution, the question is, what is your flavor of revolution?

MOON SQUARES JUPITER at 11:15 am, pdt and we are EXPANDING again.  We may be outside of our comfort zone. We have more capacity than we think we do!

MOON in Leo SEXTILES VENUS in Libra at 1:49 pm pdt. Harmony, beauty & fiery passionate love are flowing today.  This is the dawning of a giant expansion of the heart that will not stop until we are dead.  The “dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” as far as practical matters go, is the “Age of Heart!”  This is the dawning of the age of heart!

Our heart is a multidimensional instrument that may be the only instrument that can navigate us through the next few years successfully.  Our mind will need to turn itself over to our daily expanding and changing heart. Our hearts have the capacity to meet any challenge we might face–our heart is multidimensional!  Check it out!




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