September 22, 2011 – Harmony Morning into Wild Equinox Night!

This morning we rise with the MOON, still in water Cancer, is TRINE MERCURY at 8:17 am, pdt. The communications this morning are flowing, watery & intuitive.

VENUS in Libra INCONJUNCTS (150 degree aspect) JUPITER in Taurus at 10:23 am, pdt. (Pacific Daylight Time). Our love, creativity & feminine nature is expanding.  We may not have a new vessel, new patterns, or the new beliefs that the new love, creativity and deep feminine is calling of us, and this aspect will stretch us one little natural breath at a time!

This evening, we are gifted with Masculine and Feminine dancing together in harmony. SUN SEXTILES MOON at 6:22 pm pdt.

MOON travels into fire Leo at 6:55 pm pdt, conjuncting MARS at 11:24 pm pdt.  This fire is hot so is best with a specific creative focus for the night! MOON trines URANUS at 11:38 pm adding fuel to the fire for freedom, invention, creativity, passion and our visioning of our new world.

This Equinox night is a wild night!  SUN moves into zero libra at 2:05 am pdt, Friday morning. The day and night hang in equal balance and so too do we.

Sacred Equinox Blessings!