September 21, 2011 – Refining Willpower

In the middle of the night, we’re doing intense love-work.  MOON SQUARE VENUS at 2:38 am, pacific daylight time, (pdt).

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 5:52 am pdt, expands our capacity to ground ourselves, even amidst the unwieldy aspects in the day ahead.

MARS INCONJUNCT CHIRON in the evening, at 5:20 pm, pdt is activating a place of deep healing of our inner masculine with a somewhat awkward contact  What is the power that powers our will?  What is the driving force behind our actions?  This day may have us contmplating our own action-to-manifestation dynamic.

SUN INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 7:17 pm pdt, has us feeling a strange pull on our energy.  Is there something we have forgotten, that needs to be remembered?  This is another awkward aspect that may give us an opportunity to call upon spiritual forces in whatever area we need some extra grace in our lives.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 8:37 pm pdt, is the last aspect in this two day initiatory window of the MOON with the CARDINAL CROSS.  This cardinal cross has us moving ourselves, our offices, our homes, our relationships, change, change, change.  We are not able to rest in the window of the cross, for there is initiatory working tension, working us over in the way we must need it on a soul level.   This square at the end of the day may allow a tender feeling of end-of-the-day exhaustion.  Sweet Dreams!

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