August 15, 2011 – VOID before revelation

In the middle of the night, we’re doing intense love-work.  MOON SQUARED VENUS at 2:38 am, pacific daylight time, (pdt).

MOON sextiles JUPITER at 5:52 am pdt, expanding our capacity to ground ourselves, even amidst the unwieldy aspects in the day ahead.

MARS INCONJUNCT CHIRON in the evening, at 5:20 pm, pdt is activating a place of deep healing of our inner masculine with a somewhat awkward contact  What is the po we do needs to be done again.  This is not a great shopping day, but good for returns!

TOmorrow the SUN conjuncts VENUS an hour before sunrise and we’re off to our SUN, VENUS, MERCURY combustion day!  This will begin a whole new creative cycle of the sun & venus, charged with communications magic.  Tomorrow will be a POWER day.  Today is the “calm before the fire.”


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