September 20, 2011 – Transforming Home & Work Cross

MOON in Gemini SQUARES the SUN in Virgo early morning at 6:39 am, Pacific Daylight Time (pdt) and we’re stepping down to the last quarter of the September lunar cycle.  We’re at a transition day with lots of communications about details required.  We salute theh details with loving care! The world is built on the backs of details.

MOON in Gemini TRINE NEPTUNE in Aquarius at 9:34 am – good flowing community humor!  Our emotional self touches the water planet today just before going into Water sign Cancer!  Moon moves to Cancer from Gemini at 11:53 am pdt.

We come into the Grand Cross this evening with the MOON in Cardinal Water, it is activating the Cardinal Cross!  MOON SQUARES URANUS  at 5:10 pm pdt. There could be a mini shock of one kind or another.  Change is afoot again!

MOON OPPOSES PLUTO this evening at 9:09 pm pdt. We’re deathing and rebirthing the next thing in our work-home relationship.  What needs to go and what is being born?

MOON will SQUARE SATURN tomorrow night for the final aspect between MOON and GRAND CROSS.  Relationships are restructuring!