September 19, 2011 – Waning Moon Wings

MOON is in Gemini this morning trining SATURN in Libra, exact at 11:20 am pdt.  Although both Moon & Saturn are in Air, good for editing & writing, the Saturn trine supports us to ground these writing and communications projects.  More structure-building opportunity for our authentic art. MOON is WANING so we are unwinding from the peak of this lunar cycle.  We’re in the cleansing, releasing rest side of the cycle.

MOON in Gemini SQUARES MERCURY in Virgo at 2:30 pm pdt and we have the juice to navigate details and logistics.  There could be tension in communications during this square so its good to keep focused on tying loose ends, completing the old things, cleaning out the closet of our daily work.  Thursday is the best day for grace in communications.  Tomorrow MOON will move into Cancer and be working the Cardinal Cross again. Prepare for working tension days on Tuesday and Wednesday.   Mercury is still crossing over places where it went retrograde, so we are still feeling the re-winding bits from our Mercury Retrograde in the summer. Enjoy the rewinding syncronicities coming from the past to nourish the future!