September 18, 2011- Purification of the Heart

MOON is in light-filled Gemini this morning SEXTILING URANUS in Sacred Fire ARIES.  Magic is alive and these are the subtle energies of new creations that come out of the unknown, arriving in our psyche’s like tiny little shoots of starlit inspiration.

MOON TRINES VENUS at 10:02 am pdt and there is resource of sweetness and beauty at our fingertips.

VENUS SQUARES PLUTO at 6:08 pm and there is power to transform some aspect of Venus.  This can be love, money or creative expression. Whatever we’re focused on in the venus realm is up for transformative questioning this evening. We’ll feel the tension of this transforming force, asking us, “what needs to die here, and what needs birthing attention?”  This aspect is highly purifying!  It is a perfect energy in which to “Clean out the closet of the heart!!”

MARS heads into FIERY LEO from watery Cancer at 6:51 pm pdt and our masculine doing side is given a wild confident burst of energy.  May we direct it into the right-actions of our expanding heart.