September 14, 2011 – Contracted Morning, Gifted Evening

We rise this morning with the MOON still in fiery Aries, coming into OPPOSITION with limitation-based SATURN.  Our individuated free spirits want to soar, create a whole new world and be in it already.  SATURN in Libra, says, our social patterning, our relationships, our way of speaking to each other is old world and dying.  We’re going through a Saturnian transformation in the area of relationships, social circles & the way in which we “be with” each other (libra). This is all up for change, so that relationships and social circles can be recreated to support a balanced interconnected world, with honor, sacredness and love at the core.

MERCURY in Virgo TRINES JUPITER in Taurus at 6:43 pm pdt – This could be a moment of DNA awakening, or communication with the divine.  Our facility of communications is grounded in practical details (Mercury in Virgo) connecting us in a good way with a nourishing expansive divine energy (Jupiter in Taurus).  We can create a whole new wave of abundance with this moment.  The grounded magic of this aspect is enormous–a treasure!

May this day and night be nourishment for your life and your community through you!