September 12, 2011 – HAPPY FULL MOON Magician!

FULL MOON was pre-dawn at 2:27am pdt.  We are flowering. We are harvesting our dreams for the year.  We are fruiting our next works.

FULL MOON in Pisces TRINES MARS in Cancer for an active imagination and passionate afternoon, exact at 4:17 pm pdt. We are allied with our masculine core for moving ourselves forward into our next step in life!

VENUS joins the FULL MOON from opposite.  Fruition of Love, Food and our love of whatever we are Harvesting!

MOON moves into Aries just before midnight, pacific time. It is VOID (between signs) between 6:45 & 11:49 pm pdt.  The MOON is FULL, just over the crest and we’re in fresh, foolish, zero degrees of Fiery Aries at MIDNIGHT-this is a magical time, just after midnight tonight is a “Magician’s Hour,” when we are empowered to harvest unusual things that allow us to support the new world we are emerging through our own bodies, hearts & souls.

The energy of today is valuable for our creative process, for regeneration, for healing, and for the whole future of humanity, when we get right down to it. These moments, in this day, are deeply sacred.  May the light overflowing from your soul’s cup, nourish your life’s work in practical ways that you can see.

EXTRA PERSPECTIVE ON THIS FULL MOON: MAGICIANS PORTAL – We are in the middle of a 3 day window that is 11, 12, 13th of September. This FULL MOON is the Second lunar cycle of 18 and is the MAGICIAN cycle. The Magician is about Clear Intention.  With a FULL MOON in Pisces, we are asked to expand and heighten our imagination.  If we don’t imagine something, it cannot happen.  As soon as we’ve ‘imaged’ something (anything) it can manifest, through a process of creation that is real and happening through us now.  May you feel your mastery of intention & communications this cycle, as we cross the threshold of the MAGICIAN!



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