August 24, 2011 – Feminine Death, Rebirth & Transformation

FULL MOON was pre-dawn at 2:27am pdt.  We are flowering. We are harvesting our dreams for the year.  We are fruiting our next works.

FULL MOON in Pisces TRINES MARS in Cancer for an active imagination and passionate afternoon, exact at 4:17 pm pdt. We are allied with our masculine core for moving ourselves forward into our next step in life!

VENUS joins the FULL MOON from opposite.  Fruition of Love, Food and our love of whatever we are Harvesting!

MOON moves into Aries just before midnight, pacific time. It is VOID (between signs) between 6:45 & 11:49 pm pdt.  The MOON is FULL, just over the crest and we’re in fresh, foolish, zero degrees of Fiery Aries at MIDNIGHT-this is a magical time, just after midnight tonight is a “Magician’s Hour,” when we are empowered to harvest unusual things that allow us to support the new world we are emerging through our own bodies, hearts & souls.

The eneype is good for laughing at oneself if possible!  Freedom from convention may feel important today–it may be a day to take off from social conventions, to nourish our mystical or weird side!

MOON opposes PLUTo at 12:46 pm pdt.  This aspect is highly charged!  This moon is waning and we’re in the more depressive, release side of the cycle, so usually this is a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical PURGE. We are in this cleansing, releasing, bleeding, natural moon time until the New Moon on August 28th.

VENUS inconjunct URANUS at 4:22 pm pdt underlines the MOON/URANUS aspect with emphasis on freeing the feminine from old shit, especially old shit from the past, that is keeping us from our deeper authentic feminine, who may have deeper more rageful, angry, or grief-filled emotions to express, before coming into equality with the archetypal masculine.  If these emotions are around in the field, of you or someone else, they can be honored and released.  The honoring of these darker feelings is important, for they lie over deeper power and they carry important untranslated messages.  Its important to allow these things to speak (even within our own selves) in order for the charges to be released, forgiven and healed.

MOON sextile JUPITER late tonight at 10:25 pm and if we have not been uplifted and expanded by now, its time for that upliftment.  Jupiter can expand feelings, of any kind, and the day is a slightly more underground emotional kind of day, with darker emotions possible, and yet JUPITER tends to not only expand but UPLIFT.  May you ride free on Jupiter’s wings of inspiration tonight, freeing yourself of all burdens, past, present or future!



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