September 11, 2011 – FULL MOON Communications that Heal & Unify

This Sunday morning we are gifted with a spiritual MOON in Pisces sextiling JUPITER in Taurus, of good luck and expansion of inner resource, exact at 8:16 am pdt.  Today is a church, and we are the presiding Priest. No matter what we do or where we go, there is sacred and powerful healing energy in our words with a MERCURY TRINE to PLUTO, exact at 10:27 pm pdt.

Manifestation energy is super strong today, with the WAXING FULL MOON LIGHT peaking at 2:27 am pdt Monday morning. This full moon light along with Mercury trine Pluto and opposite Chiron has our communications amped with extra potent charge.  Every word, every thought and every intention has the power to hurt or heal ourselves & others deeply, in this window of time.  Each of us can be an instrument for someone else’s healing awakening in this sacred church of a day.  The world can be on fire with compassion for one another.