September 10, 2011 – Soul Play

This morning is a watery morning with MOON CONJUNCTING NEPTUNE at the end of Aquarius at 10:32 am pdt.  The MERCURY/NEPTUNE OPPOSITION is still in effect.  Today the Moon touches into this opposition, which may reveal how we each have a unique perception and “view” on life.  No one view is the same.  This makes communicating with each other so interesting!  MOON OPPOSES MERCURY in the evening at 6:06 pm pdt and we can overcome communications tension by focusing on allowing and accepting the many views we can have.

VENUS SEXTILES MARS at 9:23 pm pdt and Masculine and Feminine are in harmony in earth and water.  Meanwhile MOON sextiles PLUTO at 10:01 pm for extra depth.  This is a night of Soul Play!