September 7, 2011 – Clearing and Movement

We rise with MOON in working Capricorn.  In our final “visit with all corners of the summer GRAND CROSS, ” we meet the MARS point of the cross today when MOON in Capricorn OPPOSES MARS in Cancer at 1:35 pm pdt.  This is an aspect of clearing and movement.  It can have tension in the air.  This tension can be used for action, change, and ‘gettin a lot done! (at least in the morning).  MOON is VOID after this aspect (1:35 pm, pacific) between signs, heading into Aquarius at 2:42 am (late tonight) pdt (pacific daylight time).

The MOON is WAXING and we’re SURFING the uprising lunar energy as our creativity, our moods, and the living forces that move us, are lifted up, up, with, more, more, and more life and magic as the moon gets fuller and fuller, so to, do we.  FULL MOON is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12!  May you be lifted to your heaven.  And HAPPY HARVEST!!