June 18, 2011 – Transforming Fear into Humor

MOON rises in Scorpio SQUARE MERCURY for some pre-dawn communications tensioof a combination of aspects and the nature of having just crossed over the peak of the Lunar Eclipse in the midst of a THREE ECLIPSE TRANSFORMATIVE PORTAL, today is a day to transform Fear into Humor.  We can graciously release and let go of attachments today, and in this next two weeks.

The moon is still bright, and yet it is lessening in light every day, gently pulling from us, energies we don’t need, as we unfold into the releasing unwinding part of this lunar cycle. Many things will be pulled from us as the moon wanes in an eclipse/death/rebirth portal.  We are releasing old stuck aspects of self, with grace. What better way to let go, than to make fun of the self, in its attachments and laugh, as we are letting go of these old “funny” aspects of self.

MOON squares JUPITER this morning at 9:55 am pdt asking us where in our lives are we “a little too much” of something.  We all know what we have “too much” of.  Other areas we may feel like there is “not enough” of something.  These aspects of Too Much or Not Enough are perceptions we carry.  Today is a day to laugh at both, and let go of their ability to cause us stress.  This is a morning to notice and smile at the extremes and laugh at how far extended we can become sometimes in one direction or another. (personally, as a village, and as a human race) Today we can notice where we have strayed from our core balance and laugh at ourselves as we gently aim toward center.

MOON sextiles URANUS at 12:54 pm pdt.  Humor is good medicine.

MERCURY squares URANUS at 1:11 pm and our communications, automobiles, telephones and computers are also going through changes.  Prayers for all the electronic equipment that upholds our lives, may it become more and more in alignment with the values of a sustainable earth. Humor and Genius are this aspects higher faces, shock and edginess are its downsides.  Handle Communications with Care and Humor.

May the source of balance be with you!