September 2, 2011 – Serious Fun

Today we rise with the MOON in Scorpio SEXTILING SUN in Virgo, predawn. MOON opposes JUPITER at 4:51 am pdt, perhaps waking us to consider our next expansion.

MOON sextiles VENUS at 12:08 pm pdt, providing sweetness, abundance and feminine beauty for lunch.

SUN TRINES JUPITER at 8:59 pm, pdt and we shine gloriously in details and resources!

MOON in Scorpio TRINES MARS in Cancer at 9:10 pm, pdt and our deep emotional work is fueled with new positive energy.  We can go deep and carry our torches with us down into our underworld’s of emotion, or we can work this energy in realms of food or other resources. It may be a productive evening, whether inner or outer.