August 30, 2011 – Returning to Resources

In the middle of the night, JUPITER went Retrograde at 2:00 AM, PDT.

MOON moves into Libra at 11:25 am pdt, entering the realm of the GRAND CROSS again. The first aspect of this CROSS visit is tonight at 5:08 pm pdt, when MOON opposes URANUS at 5:08 pm pdt. This is the tension of setting oneself free from comfortable home.

MOON Squares PLUTO at 7:21 pm pdt and we dig into soul content with ourselves or those around us.

The MOON will touch the SATURN & MARS parts of the cross tomorrow–tension for working.

June 29, 2011 – LIght Hearted & Preparing for New Moon Solar Eclipse Friday

In the middle of the night, JUPITERtion in brain cells, in peace and joy.

Jun 30th, is the last day of the 28 day lunar cycle that began our 3-eclipse steps.  From a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, to a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and now, in two days we have the final of 3 eclipses, a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Cancer.  We honor all mothers everywhere, especially mama Gaia!

Because of the volatile nature of these last two days at the end of the cycle, its good to take extra care with all things, especially ourselves and those we care about.

May the force of joy lift you higher today!