Jun 28, 2011 – Grace and Order

This is one of the most valuable day’s i’ve seen in our year–it lifts us out of the deep soulful PLUTONIAN, potentially challenging space we’ve been in the last week.  This day offers the potential for high beauty, gentleness and joy.  We were graced in the middle of the night with MOON conjuncting VENUS in Virgo at 2:10 am pdt.  This aspect can bring pure grace, especially while MOON is also TRINING JUPITER.  VENUS trines JUPITER later today. Whatever we focus on today will be “grlear movement from source.  We are able to work “right through” areas where there was confusion or unclarity before, we can complete, communicate and next step every area, to its next step.  What a satisfying feeling.  All forms of excersize in this energy can feel revelatory.

MOON trines SATURN later in the evening at 9:16 pm and its a peaceful, grounding constructive day.  With MOON in Gemini and SATURN in Libra.  Our relationship communications are elevated and supported today.  Its a good day to work through old conflicts for resolution, calling in the higher selves of both participants.  Today our prayers will be answered if we ask for the ascension of a situation, a partnership, or a conversation.

Sweet Right Relationship to You.



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