August 29, 2011 – Grace Window

This is one of the most valuable day’s i’ve seen in our year–it lifts us out of the deep soulful PLUTONIAN, potentially challenging space we’ve been in the last week.  This day offers the potential for high beauty, gentleness and joy.  We were graced in the middle of the night with MOON conjuncting VENUS in Virgo at 2:10 am pdt.  This aspect can bring pure grace, especially while MOON is also TRINING JUPITER.  VENUS trines JUPITER later today. Whatever we focus on today will be “graced.” Thoughts with our pure heart’s authentic deep feeling power can move mountains.

We have a productive day if we want it, until 3:15 pm, when MOON sextiles MARS then goes VOID until tomorrow morning. This is what i am calling “Grace Window.” Beginning at 3:15 pm, we enter “another world,” a world where our thoughts become real, simply because we think them.

MOON VOID, (between signs), meanwhile VENUS trines JUPITER at 11:46 pm bringing GRACE right through this -out-of-time-void.  We can disappear or manifest anything we desire in this window. Magic Window.

Today is the last Day of JUPITER Direct, as it will go RETROGRADE late late tonight. (2AM PDT)

Dream and Intend Well!  This is an important time of authentic creation magic from the heavens.

We re-enter the ‘real world,” from our VOID dream world MOON between signs, when the MOON enters Libra, tomorrow at 11:25 am pdt.

We’ve been in some DEEP INITIATIONS, and we will continue to be on a journey of initiation through 2012, that may intensify at different times throughout the “birth canal.”

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