JUNE 21, 2011 – HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE !!!! Divine Grace to YOU!!

We’re in the dark moon portal.  This is the deepest most unstable day of the whole eclipse field, and yet the DARK MOON is the best time to plant seeds, detox, rest, and pray. There are no aspects today other than the MOON went VOID of course yesterday–and it is VOID all day until 11:16 pm, pdt, when the moon goes into the sign of LEO. MOON went VOID yesterday after its SQUARE with SATURN.

We are overcoming old limitatinos in new ways and giving the old up for the last time. Whatever is “up” is clearing and it is time to LET GO!

July 25 was the MAYAN DAY OUT OF TIME, before the NEW YEAR on JULY 26th. TODAY is another “Day out of time” because of the dark moon and the moon void of course. Its a “Let Go” and In-shahallah! as the Egyptian’s say it, meaning, “in God’s time.”

We are in a White Rythmic Wizard Mayan New Year and understanding the natural rythms and cycles is important over the next 18 months as we will be in an intense portal of initiation.  The waxing moon is for nourishing and building and the waning moon is for detoxing and releasing.  This will be an important cycle to support each of us in the next 18 month-initiatory portal!

There are NO ASPECTS today–another sign we’re between worlds! On this upcoming new moon, at 11:44 am pdt, Saturday, a door opens to the most intense part of our human initiation!!  This 18 lunar cycle portal door is opening at the new moon, tomorrow.  Humanity will begin an initiatory journey into awakening.

As the archetypal world communicates in many different ways and through the lens of many different systems, sometimes systems all reveal the same moment in time as a potent, potewilling, we’ll pass the summer’s communications rite of passage.

At 7:51 pm pdt, a MOON SQUARE VENUS reminding us we are willing to spend our summer, upgrading our listening, to inner and outer feminine energies.  We are reminded of the importance of WORKING the FEMININE TO FEMININE RELATIONSHIP inside and out, until it is singing with alignment to the divine feminine expressing through us.  The relationship of woman to woman in our human history has beautiful connected moments and cut-throat competetive moments. We’re overcoming the past dysfunctions and creating new ways to honor each other.

a MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE at 11:45 pm pdt reminds us to WORK on our INNER SPIRITUAL LISTENING to our SOURCE (whatever ours is).  What do we need to do to move ourselves closer to expressing divine attributes?  What is our spiritual work this summer, this cosmic geometric aspect asks us?

Today and this summer, we are called to work to balance these areas where there is imbalance.  This is a power point and transition day and we are called into our authority, strength and power as connected to our own inner sense of integrity.  Communications and LIstening to the Divine Feminine are KEYS to today and the summer.

Happy Sacred Holy Solar Day and May your SUMMER be awakening, uplifting and luscious!!


We are still in an eclipse field amidst the THREE CONSECUTIVE ECLIPSES of the summer.  RIght now the energy is waning, coasting off of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE of June 15th, unfolding to the next acupuncture purification point of July 1st when we experience a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  This will be a time to honor deeply.


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