August 28 – New Earth Manifesting – New Moon Evening

The SUN rose in practical Virgo, in a TRINE with PLUTO in Capricorn, supporting us to manifest our most powerful creative light into the earth.  It is important to feel the fire in our hearts and to know what that fire is truly burning ‘for.’  We each have a unique heart, with totally unique passions and creative gifts.  This aspect, exact at 8:12 am, pdt, calls us to manifest our greatest gifts, possibly expressing them in a new way. Because the MOON is still WANING until the evening, this aspect also has Death energy, for killing off what is unneeded in our next creative phase.

MOON in Leo OPPOSES NEPTUNE (who has temporarily slipped back into Aquarius) at 10:11 am pdt, then goes VOID to transition into VIRGO at 11:13 am, pdt.

MOON now freshly into VIRGO, TRINES PLUTO in Capricorn at 7:17 pm for a powerful feminine connection with soul, completion and new beginnings.

NEW MOON rides these powerful PLUTONIAN waves of change and manifestation in this cycle. The opposition to NEPTUNE means things may not always be “as they appear.”  Or we may feel like we are walking into the unknown, and yet, this cycle is a powerful manifestation cycle, so “even though we may not see clearly ahead,” it is a time of intending and manifesting clearly from our heart’s core.

May the power of this NEW MOON in EARTH trine PLUTO in EARTH, ground the dreams of your soul into your NEW life. HAPPY NEW MOON!!!





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