January 4, 2013 – Morning Catharsis – Grunge Day

MOON moved into deep feeling home-centered CANCER pre-dawn meanwhile VENUS opposed CHIRON from Virgo to Pisces at 3:53 am pdt, and life may be reflecting to us in ways that trigger our deepest wounded places on the feminine side.  Whatever surfaces yesterday and today, is part of a deeper healing journey and the stuff is UP to heal.

SUN sextile MOON and MOON sextile VENUS cover the morning in gentleness and beauty.  There is love between sun and moon today.

MOON squares URANUS at 10:30 am pdt and we’re in a “radical emotional shift” moment. This archetients of a good catharsis. This may be the early days of January 2013 but it is right in the middle of a giant “Cultural Breakdown.” Our culture is in a four year breakdown, over the course of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO through 2015/1016.  This cultural breakdown began in 2010 or 2011, in the most intense part of its demise. The Old World, the last 5,000 year era, and the last archetypal era of culture is breaking down. Meanwhile new culture sprouts amidst the decaying rubble of the past.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS, SQUARE MERCURY, TRINE JUPITER, TRINE MARS and SQUARE PLUTO all by 10:10 am pST. This is enough aspects to push through climb up any mountain, or overcome any obstacle–however–there is work involved.

MARS TRINE JUPITER and MERCURY SEXTILE CHIRON at dawn tell us this is not an ordinary day, but a special kind of grunge day!  It is a day of radical healing communications and extra pushes of activity, on behalf of the transitions we are amidst.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 7:58 pm, pst brings us to the DARK WANING side of the lunar cycle, unwinding, releasing the old, relaxing into the deep dark silent place.

May our hard work be rich and filled with satisfaction today and all the days of our transition from old to new world.