August 21, 2011 – Spiritual Work Day

This morning we rise with the MOON still in earthy Taurus.  VENUS opposed NEPTUNE this morning, causing feelings of spaciness, sleepiness or dreaminess.  Today is a spiritual work day in the realm of the Divine Feminine and the need to elevate the energy that lives between women on our planet.

We have our LAST QUARTER SQUARE in the cycle at 2:54 pm pdt. This aspect steps us down to the dark waning side of the lunar cycle. It is rest and nourishment time. It is also a time of deep cleaning out of some area of our psyche that MERCURY is retrograding over, in its last week of retrograde.  We are being “rewired” somewhere.

VENUS moves from fiery LEO to grounded VIRGO today at 3:11 pm and our creative feminine gets grounded!

MOON squares NEPTUNE at 4:59 pm then goes VOID before going into GEMINI at 5:53 pm.  From Gemini, the MOON squares VENUS, reminding us that there is tension to work out in our creative projects and feminine explorations.  We are smoothing over several thousand years of feminine domination.  It is time to heal and rebalance these archetypes!  The waters call for nourishment of creative projects through limitations.