August 20, 2011 – Expansive Morning, Communications Work Evening

This morning MOON in earthy TAURUS enjoys its senses.  The sun and earth are in a beautiful relationship of end of summer flowering, we are all flowering too.  MOON conjuncted JUPITER (expansive emotionally and spiritually), while sextiling MARS of action and ferocity.

By the evening round 11:13 pm pdt, we may face a communications challenge, or feel some irritation.  This energy is good for cleaning out clutter in the house we live in, or in any area.  The MOON is waning and MERCURY is still retrograde until August 26 at 3:03 pm pdt. This is a “cleaning and clearing out time,” as we prepare our inner ground for the next new birth of Harvest at the next NEW MOON on August 28 at 8:04 pm pdt.  Now, we’re still on the bright side, waning toward the quarter cross point, into the dark waning last quarter on Sunday afternoon at 2:54 pm.

This day is the final day in the “Bright half” of the lunar cycle of Leo/Aquarius. Moon wanes.  We shine and head toward rest and clearing, inward journeying and deeper nourishing rest times.

SUN is in LEO for a few more days, through MONDAY.  Bright Sunlight to you in this summer suntime.