August 18, 2011 – High Energy Love Dance

MOON is still in fiery Aries when we wake up this morning.  There is so much fire today we may need to put rocks in our shoes to stay on the ground!

Fire planet MARS in Cancer sextiles JUPITER in Taurus at 9:49 am and we’re off on some kind of magical adventure of a day, expanding in the senses and stirring our emotions.  This is a LOT of extra ENERGY to process.

MOON trines MERCURY at 2:02 pm pdt and we are communications whizzes.  Our personal emotional moon now aspects each planet in our triple conjunction of Tuesday, for bringing this ascension magic into our emotional fields.

MOON trines SUN at 9:13 pm and the masculine feminine dance is as beautiful as it gets.

MOON trines VENUS at 10:53 pm pdt and we may feel an explosion of LOVE!

May your explosion of love fuel your whole life with transformative healing light!