August 17, 2011 – New Beginnings & Winter Preparation

We rise with MOON in cardinal fire sign Aries.  This starter-moon touches into the Grand Cross of transforming our modus operandi of work, home self and relationship.  Our grand catharsis is underway and we’re reminded to “begin again,” on whatever projects we started but then slacked off.  Its time to reapply the pressure for action and accomplishment.

MOON conjuncted URANUS in Aries, bumping our “funnybone,” in the middle of the night.  MOON squared PLUTO at 3:17 am, reminding us we have a deep soul that likes to be contacted.

This afternoon, MOON squares MARS at 12:11 pm pdt.  This part of the grand cross activates us into action.  This cardinal cross asks us to look deeply at where our actions come from?  Are we acting out of habit, out of fear, out of external shoulds, or out of core knowing?  Action that moves us toward joy, knowing and newness comes from the gut and may even go against things the mind is thinking.  The mind is often filled with past concepts and fears.  Our core knowing may move is in new directions if we listen deeply.

MOON opposes SATURN at 8:47 pm and we’re in a new relationship dance.  This Moon in Aries, trining Mercury, Venus & Sun in Leo is bringing NEW energy into our relationship cauldron.  We are adjusting to new energies in our selves.  How will our new self that is emerging relate to others?  We’re working out new ways of being with others, through this opposition.  Have we changed inside lately?  How does this change wish to be expressed in our relationships with others?

Today’s tension aspects provide a good day for inner or outer work, preparing us for tomorrow’s fun high energy bliss-possible aspects.  Work today in order to play tomorrow!