May 29, 2011 – Watering Earth Prayers

SUN conjuncts VENUS at 5:08 am. This conjunction, pre-dawn, pacific daylight time, begins a whole new 9 month VENUS CYCLE, with an overlighting VENUS (devic ruler) for 9 months being LEO and the SUN. This is a day of creative and love-revolutions!  Hold onto your toes, get ready to surf your bliss, or your hell, or whatever your heart needs to experience or purify next for your heart to awaken. If stuff is in the way–it will be up today–for solar burning of all uneeded clouds around our pure innocent hearts.

MERCURY conjuncts VENUS at 4:21 pm pdt. This communications magician touches our magical creative feminine.  The romance of seeds to bees to flowers, is alive all day.  This is a rare and powerful moment in time/space.  Meditation, healthy food and extra water is a good idea!

Take care with automobiles & communications devices (handle with love & all will turn out well). Mercury is still retrograde, in its crossing of this FRESHLY BORN NEW VENUS CYCLE. This is an alchemical transformational moment in our bodies and our consciousness, birthing a process that will go on for the next nine months involving each of us having the courage to live shamelessly and “courageously” from our hearts!

MOON enters Aries at 5:01 pm and our VOID of Course period This shift into fiery Aries, from spacey watery Pisces, is part of our “cauldron of awakening.” Water to Fire.”

An hour later, ricorn this evening at 7:46 pm pdt.  Our personal self is grounding down with the cosmic dirt and soul.  As the day progresses we go deep down into the waning dark moon.  Our toes are digging in the dirt of our shadows, reminding us that it takes the darkness, the sadness, and all the wounded places to make us more whole.  We can accept and hold space for our grief, tears, depression and contraction, knowing it is the season of the dark moon–this too will pass, and for now, is part of the alchemy of being alive.  There is a time for darkness and that time is now.  Enjoy your “down time.”

We are within three days of a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  The waning end of cycle energy is very unstable and potentially volatile.  Many things will be “eclipsed.” Its good to let go and be grateful we didn’t lose even more.  If something falls down or falls away, we know it is being pulled away by this super cosmic purification energy, killing off unneeded egoic attachments, ungrounded assumptions and impurely motivated projects.  This is not a good time to sign contracts or initiate important things, especially these three days before and ten days after the Solar Eclipse.  The whole months of June and July are inside of an eclipse field and volatile unstable times–not great for planning or new initiations.

Each of us will have an “eclipse piece of work.”  We may already know what it is.  It could be a healing or spiritual crisis, or some kind of a loss that sends us into a piece of inner work.  We will know what our “eclipse work” is in the next few days, if we don’t already know what it is!  The energy of an eclipse field can be harsh or intense feeling if we are not prepared, not paying attention or not in our power.  These are jedi days to spend each morning centering into full attention and full preparation for the day ahead.  Prayers for the world and all fault lines.


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