August 14, 2011 – Vast Imagination – Soul Healing

The MOON is FULL in Aquarius, having just opposed the SUN and reached FULL LIGHT yesterday morning.  Today we’re filled with bright emotional light, which may serve to surface  and clear away the cobwebs of pain from the past in this lifetime or others.

MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE and moves into PISCES just before dawn, pdt.  Our emotional waters become more vast.  We are in for a day of imagination.

MOON in Pisces sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn at 3:55 pm pdt.  We can heal the past and we can manifest our dreams. This aspect empowers our authentic heart’s prayers.

MOON trines MARS at 9:07 pm.  We may be energized late at night.  This Mars is opposite Pluto in the middle of a grand cross.  We are learning to surrender personal will to divine will.

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