June 3rd, 2011 – Water Moon Cross Roads

We rise this morning in a fog, a dream, a confusion, or an imagination.  MERCURY, our mind is in a full opposition with NEPTUNE, the vast oceanic movement and flow of energy in our lives.  Our detail-oriented minds may feel subnToday, we soften into self compassion and compassion for all things as our MOON goes into the Mothering sign, Cancer, trining NEPTUNE, cosmic water planet, then touching the Cardinal transformative T-Square throughout the day!  We’re still deathing and rebirthing.

MOON SQUARES URANUS at 9:04 am, starting us off with the feeling that its time to revolutionize something.  By afternoon, at 2:08 pm, pdt, MOON is OPPOSITE our DEATH and POWER heralder, PLUTO.  So we’re revolutionizing, transforming and finally, re-designing our infrastructure as MOON SQUARES SATURN in our sign of Relationship, LIBRA at 8:55 pm pdt.  This evening’s saturn square reveals a tension or stress point in the evening.  This is not necessarily a night for a romantic dinner or for relaxing.  It is a work night.

Today we are to let go of what is not ours, let the real revolutions in, find our power in alignment with the cosmic and earth-based revolutions taking place, and rebuild our infrastructure to serve these drastic changes both inside and outside.  Today its good to take hold of this TRANSFORMATION TENSION contained in the Cardinal Grand Cross with our friendly neighborhood superhero’s Uranus, Pluto and Saturn.  The soft Cancer Moon gives mothering to all the change, the more she gives compassion, the less uncomfortable she is, with all those outer planets squeezing her today!!

August 7, 2011 – Jack out of the box

This morning MOON squared NEPTUNE and MERCURY in the morning, sending us into a foggy, dreamy or somewhat “mercury-retrogradish” day.  We are ending our first week of Mercury Retrograde-our deep mystical re-programming adventure–we are being reprogrammed by the cosmos (upgrading our operating system)!

MOON trine URANUS at 3:45 pm – Magic is in the air.

VENUS sextile SATURN today at 7:19 pm pdt.  Venus-our inner feminine is feeling grounded and it likes this.  Grounding is GOOD.  Grounding for creativity is even better. This energy brings abundance and feminine wisdom.

BLessings of abundance and wisdom!