August 5th – Building Blocks in Deep Water

This morning we rise with the MOON having entered SCORPIO pre-dawn.  This deep soulful water MOON sextiles MERCURY at 6:33 am and we wake up communicating with depth.

MOON trines MARS at 7:30 am pdt, supercharging our depth with sweet awakened action.

MOON sextiles PLUTO at 1:56 pm and we touch into the approaching Explosion of MARS opposite PLUTO which occurs on August 10, 2011.  This can be an explosion of LOVE, or an explosion of self-empowerment.  We need to work now to harness this power for our highest–it has life/death potency and can lead to a deep transformation in consciousness.

MOON opposes JUPITER and SQUARES VENUS this evening for a T-Square of feminine energy.  This T-Square is a balancing and building aspect  It sometimes takes work to build the interconnected dreams we dream.   Where is our food coming from?  This is a good time to revise food systems toward interconnected local sustainability.

Rich Sun-filled Blessings Today!