May 31, 2011 – Day before a Solar Eclipse – Deep Dark Moon

This morning we are in touch with MARS, Planet of Divine Sacred MOVEMENT  SEXTILEing COMMUNICATIONS Speedy-Travel Planet, MERCURY.  This is an initiatory day, when our MERCURY MYSTERY SCHOOL is underway, with a journey toward a peak at 4:19 pm pdt.

We’re off on our “Mercury REtrograde RITE OF PASSAGE! We’re RE-MEMBERING, like Isis all of our old lost forgotten pieces, to mysteriously weave itself whole again. Knowing we must first rebuild healthy sexuality, creativity and basic “solar” life-force needs for our body’s optimum functioning.  Each of us goes about this rite of passage in a unique way.

NEPTUNE is retrograding (along with Mercury) and like The Hanged Man, (The Fool hanging from a Tree) we are pulled along a mysterious spiritual journey, into the “unknown.” At 7:53, pm pdt, NEPTUNE touches into the sign of Aquarius, after residing in h.”  We are beginning a process of de-isolating ourselves.  Wherever we’ve been isolating ourselves in our “private suffering,” we’re about to share these parts with others, to receive the responding support.  Its good to meditate on what this isolated part of us is and how we might share it, to open up the isolated part, which causes us to decay in that place at a time like this.

Today is a day for DEEP INNER MAGIC, more than OUTER WORK.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse, on June 1st is at 10 degrees of Gemini.  It is related to our communications, our thoughts, and our brother-sister relations (the people with whom we most think about and communicate with).  The way in which we relate and communicate with each other or even the way in which we “see” each other, is up for DEATH and REBIRTH. Each of us has very deep “eclipse work” on our plate right now and today is a day to sit deeply with what is dying and take the time to receive and consider NEW VISIONS.  Even if we cannot yet see our new world, or even see how we will bring it into form, we must prepare to see it, and prepare to build it–if we haven’t already begun this task, we are called to begin with these three eclipses.  When we focus on our communications for a new world, we streamline our energy to flow in alignment with cosmic forces, and therefore protect ourselves from the incoming forces of Death and Destruction of the old or outdated, at this time.

If we want to initiate the highest sides of this eclipse, we can initiate a lens of gratitude, innocence, trust, light-heartedness, seeking of beauty and empowering others, speaking truth in ways that uplift, rather than critisize.  For example: I can be in paradise and go into a cave and look at a rotting animal and speak “the truth” about how bad the rotting animal is in the cave, or i can turn myself around and look at the beauty and wonder in the waterfall and the bird flying overhead and speak “the truth” about these beauties.  (both are truthful)  It is time for us to become wise enough to constantly choose the bird and the sky over the rotting dead animal in the cave.  We are called to communicate about new forms, new systems, new infrastructures to uphold new ways of living and working, that work for all of us. What is lost or dying needs to be let go of, to make way for the new.

This solar eclipse at 2:03 pm pdt on June 1, is connected with a transformation in how we work, revealed by a trine with SATURN, and a sextile with CHANGE AGENT URANUS.  Our culture’s way of “making a living,” and the way in which we live, are not working.  Our work, related to money and authentic needs versus what we “think” we need to live are up for revision. These next THREE ECLIPSES IN A ROW are going to send our “life’s work,” and LIFE, into a catharsis that will ultimately lead us to a much more integrated and fulfilled life and life’s work, but the journey of getting there may be rocky and filled with disappointments (things being eclipsed in one way or another) before the transformation is complete.  We will need to let go of or change so many of our “unexamined assumptions,” about what we actually need and how we need to live with each other.  We all need to redesign our lives to work better for all of us and these next two months are jumpstarting or amping up this life and work revisioning!

May the celebration of change be with you!


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